Personal/Professional Web Design


These websites are ideal for individuals or professionals such as doctors, lawyers, facilitators, teachers, etc.

They include text and graphic content. They can also have a contact form, Google maps to show your office location and contact information.

Cost: $450

We are able to offer this reduced-cost website for our very small clients. It is important to read through the conditions to understand how this package works and what you will get. This package is for one-page templates with up to 8 sections. Read the all the conditions at the bottom of this page.

  • Domain

  • Hosting

  • Image Gallery
    up to 10 images

  • Sliders

  • SSL Certificate
    $90/year - optional

  • Bilingual website
    $50/year - optional

  • Translation
    $20 - optional

  • Professional Email Address
    $50/year up to 3 addresses
    - optional

  • Development Xpress
    Get your site built in 10 days from the time you send the content.
    $50 - optional

  • Monthly Updates
    $25/month - optional

Available Elements


Sliders tend to be located in the header of your website. They load dynamically giving a very modern feel to your site. Content in it can load at different time coming into view from different areas of the slider. You can also have up to 3 slides with completely different content within your slider that transition from slide to slide after a few seconds.

Icon Sets

Icons can be used along side text. This turns boring standard text into a much more interesting, easy way to read, calling attention to your visitors and making it clear to them what you offer.

Text and Media

Elements with text and images or even embedded videos are available. These elements are helpful to show in text and in a graphic format what services you offer.

The text and image or video content can be swapped or stacked.

Galleries are also considered a form of media. Galleries are images shown in a grid format that are expanded when click on.


Showing client testimonials or recommendations informs potential clients that you are trustworthy and that your services surpassed their expectations!

Contact Forms

Contact forms give your website visitors an easy way to contact you directly from you website. These forms will send an email from the server to your email address and land in your inbox allowing you to reply directly to the potential client.

In the same area, it is common to include other contact information such as your phone number and email address. You could also add your office hours and office address.

Google Maps

Using Google Maps to show the exact location of your office or place of business makes it easy for your potential clients to know where to find you.



Slider: The slider, usually in the header of your site, can contain up to 3 images with different text on each.

Certificado SSL: Starting in the month of July 2018, Google Chrome will show pages without SSL certificates as NOT SECURE pages. It is strongly recommended to have SSL certificates on all websites at this point and it could also have a positive effect on Search Engine Optimization.

Image Gallery: A gallery may be placed on your site with up to 10 images. When you click the image it will expand to its full size.

Text Change Requests: The client can request that changes be made to their website. Each content/text change request has a fee of $10+IVA. The cost does not vary whether the change is 100 words or just 1 letter. This service is included in the Monthly Updates add on.

Graphic Design: We also offer graphic design services. There is a charge of $5 per image if we are able to complete the task that the client requests

Monthly Updates: Under this standard agreement, GoBig is not responsible for updating themes or plugins regularly. We recommend keeping your website constantly updated. We will take care of updates and content changes that you may request such as text and content changes for a monthly fee of $25/month + IVA.

Yearly Renewals: At the 10th month of the year of your website, we will reach out to you about renewing your site for another year. At this time, we will make all theme and plugin updates to keep your website running smoothly. We will also renew your hosting plan and your domain, all for a fee of $250. At anytime you may discontinue to host your site with us. At that point, we will send you a backup file of your site with instructions how to import it to your new word press installation. We use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Depending on the size of your site, you may be required to purchase the premium version of the plugin. We are not responsible for setting you up on your new hosting account. You may hire us to do this task for you for the cost of $250.