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“If we could change one thing about living in Ecuador ….”

Don’t get me wrong. We love it here and we give thanks every day for the decision that led to make such a wonderful change in our lives.

We love our new home, the incredible friends we’ve made, and the gentle, laid-back lifestyle that’s so different from the frantic rat race we left behind.


what neither of us can get used to, is the quality of water that’s being piped in for drinking and washing. We’re told it’s safe – and I imagine it is. But we – and almost all of our neighbors – keep buying bottled water that is highly treated and not all that healthy, but is still far better than what comes out of our faucets.

But we can’t shower or take baths holding a bottle over our heads!

And it's not healthy for our skin to absorb far too much chlorine and other chemicals that shouldn’t be part of our new, healthier lifestyle.

What’s more, our faucets and showerheads were starting to buildup unsightly scale that began reducing the flow of water. It turns out the same thing was happening in our pipes and hot water heaters.

The good news is that we found a simple, relatively inexpensive solution that not only resolved all our concerns, but will save us thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs to boot.

But Here’s the Best Part of All ….

The amazing device that changed our lives (and the lives of every other person living in our condominium) is completely portable – which means ….

You can get one of these little wonders for yourself in the USA, Canada, Europe or almost anywhere else in the world, to improve the quality of your current water supply.

Then, when you’re ready to make the move, simply disconnect the unit and install it in your new home.

So whether you are living in Ecuador or preparing to make the big move, contact us to get a free eReport explaining how this unit works, all the benefits, and how to get your own!