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Website and Hosting Migration

Frustration doesn’t even come close to how this client felt when they contacted us.

A client referred us to a company because they had been informed by a third party that their website was ‘not indexable by Google’. The company hired us to audit the site and report our findings regarding this issue.

We quickly checked Google’s indexed pages for that website, and certainly, no pages were indexed.

The managing company did give the client administrative access which allowed us to get into the site’s dashboard to further investigate.

I was please to find that the site was configured correctly allowing search engines to index the site as shown in the image below.

We continued to look for what could be causing Google not to index the site when we quickly came across the change log that was installed on the site. To make a long story short, the checkbox in the above image had been ticked about 40 minutes before by the managing company. We took screenshots and documented our findings to send to the client.

This scenario is all too common. The managing company, in our opinion, either overlooked this setting, or was purposely sabotaging their client’s website. The client explained to us that they had expressed their concerns to the managing company for 9 months prior. The managing company informed them that they could increase the traffic by upgrading to the next plan. They were already on a 4-digit priced plan.

The client migrated their site to a new hosting company and to GoBig Web Development as their managing agency. They are currently on the front page of Google for a general keyword phrase that represents their company.

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