Website Migration

Website Migration

It is impressive how often clients end up changing their web hosting company, web managing agency, or both.

Obviously, a client needing to migrate their website to another hosting company or managing agency already implies that they already have a website. They do not contact us usually needing to build their site. Most of these clients tend to have something in common; frustration.

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How We Migrate Websites

Website migration can be a daunting task, but it is often a necessary step towards improving your online presence. We understand the frustrations that can arise when you need to migrate your website to a new hosting company or managing agency. Our goal is to make this process simple, quick, and cost-effective for you.

Whether your website needs to be migrated due to outdated platforms or plugins, or you simply want to switch to a more reliable hosting company, we have the expertise to handle it smoothly. We prioritize preserving your website’s URL structures and search engine standings, ensuring that you don’t lose any visibility in Google’s search results.

We have successfully migrated websites of various sizes, ranging from small 6-page sites to extensive ones with 600+ pages. Our meticulous approach and attention to detail guarantees a seamless transition for your website, minimizing any potential downtime or disruptions.

If you’re frustrated with your current hosting company’s slow loading times or the lack of open communication with your managing agency, it’s time to make a change. Don’t fall for misleading marketing strategies or find yourself locked out of your own website. As the owner of your website, you deserve to have full administrator access and control.

We prioritize transparency, open communication, and delivering exceptional results. We have heard countless stories of clients whose websites were held hostage by their managing companies, preventing them from making necessary changes. With us, you can trust that your website is in good hands.

Take the first step towards a successful website migration by reaching out to us today. No project is too small or too big for us. We are committed to helping you elevate your online presence and achieve your business goals. Contact us now and let’s make your project a reality!

Changing Hosting Companies

We understand the frustrations of dealing with limited plans and deceptive marketing strategies. This is actually the most common reason our clients come to us for help when it comes to moving from one hosting company to another. That is why we help guide our clients to the best plan and company to meet their needs.

For those who want to change website hosting companies, their frustrations tend to be because their site is loading slow and as a solution, the hosting company has continued to increase the price saying that the issue because the client is on a shared or limited plan. The client is frustrated because they fell for the typical marketing strategy as shown below.

SiteGround pricing as of 10/26/2023

Let’s take the BEST VALUE plan as an example at $4.99/month. Yes, the plan says it is discounted from $29.99/month, but it is important to know that when the plan renews, you will no longer have that 83% savings. Considering that websites tend to exist for years, it is best not to be fooled by the discounted rate, instead look directly at the real value that comes to just under $360 per year.

With the rest of the specs in that plan, the issue we, and many people have had issues with is the bandwidth and inodes. Although not directly stated here, and even if it was, it is not easy to understand, is that these plans also limit the number of files you have on the server. Not only how many megabytes you have, but the actual number of files. We are not going to dive too deep into this in this article, but the point we would like to make is that it is very important to have your web site agency work with you in finding the best hosting plan.

We recently were able to move a client from one hosting company to another. Because they were not really aware of their needs and were not correctly guided, they went from paying $400/month to the GoGeek plan above at the regular rate of $44.99/month.

Although, to a certain extent, we critique Siteground showing their pricing above, we use Siteground for many of our own website and for many clients. We do not exclusively use Siteground, but depending on our clients’ needs, Siteground tends to be a good choice.

Our intention is not to critique Siteground negatively, rather to emphasize the importance of understanding each plan’s limitations and conditions.

Changing Website Managing Agencies

An even more problematic situation to be in is not having an open line of communication with your website managing agency. This company or person is usually the one who built your site initially, but now manages content changes, SEO improvements, eCommerce product updates, etc.

You, the website owner, should keep in mind that you are the owner; not the website manager or managing company. We have heard too many times of companies or individuals holding their clients’ websites hostage. They refuse to give them administrator access to the site or hosting accounts. Without this information, it is extremally difficult to change companies and many times requires that the site be rebuilt be the new company.

We have built or re-built many sites due to problems such as these. Once we complete the job, the first thing we do is hand over the keys, passkeys that is, to you, the owner. Even though most of our clients have us continue monthly maintenance on their websites, we always make sure the client has full access to their website.


So for whatever reasons have brought you to the decision of migrating your website, it is important to keep URLs the same to not lose your SEO ranking. It is also important to be sure your hosting plan is ideal for your project and where you plan your project to go.

Most of this is way too technical for the majority of our clients, so we always recommend to let us handle it for you.

Contact us to set up a call to discuss what your best options are.